2 Days in Bucharest

2 days in Bucharest, Romania | Hello Victoria

Way back in June, Richard and I had the opportunity to travel to Romania for a wedding! Man, how time flies! I just got around to going through the photos that we took, and thought I would write up a quick recap of the things we did and places that we went.

We were technically there for 4 days, but since Richard was the best man in the wedding, there was a lot of time spent doing wedding related stuff. Everything we did could be easily crammed into two days.

Architecture in Bucharest, Romania | Hello Victoria

Walking the streets in Bucharest | Hello Victoria

Romania wasn’t exactly a country that was on either of our bucket lists, but we enjoyed the opportunity to check out someplace new. It’s been described as “the new Berlin” (since I’ve never been to Berlin, this didn’t really mean much to me), and definitely has a lot of new bars and coffee shops popping up all over the city. It’s a city that seems ripe for development; I couldn’t stop admiring all the old buildings around town, and kept wishing people were buying them and fixing them up. Buuuut despite the lack of a squeaky clean exterior, there are a lot of new restaurants and ‘hipster-type’ hotspots all over the capital city that are worth a look.

Architecture in Bucharest, Romania | Hello Victoria Architecture in Bucharest, Romania | Hello Victoria

Architecture in Bucharest, Romania | Hello Victoria

The best place to start is definitely the Old Town, which is full of cafes, bars, and plenty of tourist shops if you’re feeling the need to buy some sort of fridge magnet or tacky shot glasses. It’s quite small, so you can walk around it pretty easily and admire all of the buildings. And, if you’re hotel is located a bit outside the old town, why not walk through a park to get there?

Bucharest has plenty of nice old parks all around the city, which are great in the summertime. If we’d had more time I would have wanted to walk through more of them to get to/from Old Town and our hotel. However with the wedding activities, it was often more prudent to simply get an Uber. (Oh, and if you happen to visit Romania, make sure you use Uber! It’s so insanely cheap in Romania, but also incredibly reliable. We used it to get everywhere, including getting to and from the airport.) (more…)

Long Weekend in Wales

Hiking Pen y Fan in Brecon, Wales | Hello Victoria

I’m not sure about you, but Richard and I are the kind of people who can’t do nothing very well. When we happen to have a rare weekend off together, we end up doing jobs around the house and grocery shopping… even though we told ourselves that we would just relax. Even as I write this, we are finishing up painting the trim in our kitchen.

We both feel guilty doing nothing at home. So when we had a special day to celebrate, we knew we had to get out of town… to Wales!

Cozy AirBnB cottage in Brecon, Wales | Hello Victoria

10 years ago, on October 8, I met Richard for the first time! We were both volunteering in Nepal on gap years, for the same local organization, and met in the volunteer’s meeting. I had already been there a month, and it was the first time we were meeting the new intake of volunteers. You can bet I did a second take when Richard sat down beside me! 😉

It may have taken 8 more years until we finally got together, but we still felt that we should celebrate the 10 year mark. So we went back to the same cottage in Wales that we spent our first Christmas together in, which we loved! It’s located a little outside of Brecon, on a farm with a few cottages. Our first time there, we were staying in Duck Cottage, but it was booked already, so we stayed in Damsen Cottage instead. Both places have cozy log burners and all the amenities you could need. However, from knowing how cold the stone floors get, we brought our slippers, some tea, and spent a few days curled up in front of a cozy fire…

Cozy AirBnB cottage in Brecon, Wales | Hello Victoria

Cozy AirBnB cottage in Brecon, Wales | Hello Victoria

Cozy AirBnB cottage in Brecon, Wales | Hello Victoria

Cozy AirBnB cottage in Brecon, Wales | Hello Victoria

The farm has a few resident ducks, chicken, guinea fowl, roosters, dogs, sheep, and horses. All of which add to such a lovely experience! We would give our crumbs to the chickens in the morning, and hear the sheep baaa-ing all day long. We both kept saying to ourselves that we wished we lived on the farm all the time. (more…)