DIY secret cat door | Hello Victoria

If you’re not following along on Instagram, then you might not know that we got cats! Yes, like so many other people in the midst of a pandemic induced lockdown, we decided to get a pet. But of course this wasn’t a spur of the moment decision. Richard and I have always wanted pets. We’ve been planning on adopting cats once we moved out of the flat and into someplace with a yard.

When the first lockdown hit, we started to seriously talk about getting cats. We’d always figured we would adopt a couple of older cats, but had intended to wait until the major building work was finished. But after being stuck at home every day, we started really wishing we had something furry to love and care for. I found myself surfing rescue sites in the evenings, but none of the centres were open to allow adoptions. And that’s when it hit me… kittens!

See cats don’t understand things like lockdown. They’re still out there, getting preggers and having kittens. I figured there might be some in our area needing a new home. I’ve always wanted to have kittens, but since we both work 9-5, we wouldn’t be around enough too look after them. But hey, now we’re stuck at home all day every day!! Suddenly this lockdown has an upside – we could get kittens!

So we looked around in our area and sure enough there were some Maine Coon cross kittens available nearby! I’ve always been of the opinion that the larger and fluffier the animal, the better… so a kitten with even a hint of Maine Coon was right up my alley! (Not sure what I’m talking about? Just google Maine Coon and you’ll see!)

Enter the cutest little fluffballs you ever did see… Moose and Smudge!

I can’t handle the cuteness…

They really made lockdown just the absolute best. I still find myself looking back at photos and videos from when they were wee little things and it makes me want to get more kittens aaaaaall over again. (Richard keeps saying no.)

Moose and Smudge | Hello Victoria

So cute!

Anyways, what was this post meant to be about again? Ahh, right. My secret cat door.