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Okay… random post time! So a number of years back (actually, just after I met Richard) I got a fringe (bangs) for the first time since I was a little kid. I had just been travelling for over three months and wanted a drastic change. However, my stylist told me to get bangs first, and then if I still wanted to get a bob, I could come back in a couple months. Man, I miss him… he always gave such great haircuts… I digress…

Back to the fringe! For some reason, all the parents in the 80s decided little girls should have bangs, and so my sisters and I spent what felt like years growing them out once we got old enough. I remember clipping them to either side and braiding them back. Other girls opted for butterfly clips (remember those?!) but I was a total tomboy. After all that agony of growing them out, I hated the very idea of a fringe.

Man, I love everything in this photo – it just screams the early 90s!

For their sake, I blurred out my family – ha! Also, I love my faces in old family portraits – I could never just smile nicely.

But when I first got bangs again at the age of 19, I looooved them! They just gave me such a different look and set off my cheekbones. However, my skin at that time was quite oily (something I’ve struggled with for years), and I would find that by 3pm they got all greasy, and I would have to wash them and dry them if I was going out that night.

So once my bangs started to become a bit long and get in my eyes, I decided to grow them out rather than trim them. I vowed never to get them again. (ha!) As you can imagine, about four years later I was bored with my hair and missed my fringe. I remembered how cool it looked, and stylish. I remembered all the good stuff and forgot the bad. So I got bangs again.

Fringe hair evolution | Hello Victoria

My first bangs on the left, the second set in the middle, and growing them out on the right. For some reason, these weird photos are the only ones I could find! I definitely need to get over being camera-shy. (Two out of three are in costume for some strange reason.)

This time wasn’t as bad! I learned how to trim them myself, which meant that they didn’t get in my eyes. I kept them for longer than the time before, but eventually, I grew them out. Again, I tried to remember the growing-out pains… so I wouldn’t get bored again and get a fringe. I even made Richard promise that if I ever started saying I wanted one, to tell me not to. I wanted to remember how much of a pain bangs become… not just how stylish they are.

Which brings me to now. I want bangs… bad! Richard has kept his end of the bargain and told me not to, but I’m not really listening.

This all started when I cut my hair short last October; I get bored if I haven’t done anything different in a while. So after growing it out for the better part of a year, I didn’t want to go short again. Buuut, I was bored with it. Then, for Hallowe’en, I decided to be a female Spock, which included a black wig with a short fringe. Man, did I love having bangs again! And funky short ones at that!

Female spock costume | Hello Victoria

See, I’ve been eyeing a short fringe for a while now, and having that wig just sealed it for me. They just look “cool”! A bit edgy, and funky… plus, if I don’t like them after a while, I can just grow them to a normal length.

Short bangs inspiration | Hello Victoria

Short fringe with a blunt lob via

Short wavy fringe via

But am I simply forgetting the pains of growing them out, and having to always tie them back to exercise (such a pain)… or am I simply willing to accept those annoyances? Is this a mature choice, or a deluded one? It’s just hair after all, right?

Okay, my silly rant is over… but I would love some feedback on whether or not I should get a baby fringe. Is it as cool as I think, or too risky? This is my dream haircut, but I’m not sure I am brave enough to get it.

Baby fringe inspiration | Hello Victoria

Shaggy haircut with short fringe via

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