French mattress cushion inspiration | Hello Victoria

french mattress cushions from Restoration Hardware

A while back I found myself obsessed with french seam mattress cushions. A bit weird of a thing to be obsessed with, but I loved their look. The French seam adds a lovely detail to ordinary fabrics that is subtle, but just makes the item look more tailored. A bit fancy… how french?

So as I’ve been drafting up ideas for upholstering our bed, or making floor pouffes, I keep coming back to the idea of french seams.

Right now, I am thinking of making a sort of bed slipcover for our white MALM storage bed frame. Something that won’t involve taking the whole thing apart, but will make it look like I did. 😉 In the end it’ll look sort of like this bed, but with french seams all along the edges.

Upholstered bed frame inspiration | Hello VictoriaUpholstered bed frame inspiration | Hello Victoria

Restoration Hardware bed frame

I figure I can add some plywood to make the headboard taller, then pad with foam and batting. After that, I’ll make a bedskirt to cover the base, and a fitted cover for the headboard. I may even make them all one piece, but I’m unsure as of yet. Does that make sense? The headboard will have seams all around like the one below.

French seam headboard inspiration | Hello Victoria

french seam headboard inspiration

My original inspiration came from this bed’s headboard. Then when I was googling more inspiration, I came across some photos of headboards with simple bed skirts, and my idea was realized. It’ll be easier than trying to upholster each piece of the bed frame, and then put it all back together.French seam headboard inspiration | Hello Victoria

Nate Berkus french seam headboard

After that, I want to make a couple floor pouffes like the ones in Orlando Soria’s last apartment. They look super easy, I just have to find the right linen look fabric.

French seam pouffes inspiration | Hello Victoria

So what do you think? Are you as into french seams as I am these days? What about these gorgeous ottomans and sofas?

French seam ottoman inspiration | Hello Victoria

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

French seam sofa inspiration | Hello Victoria

1 // 2



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  1. Ok you must be my spirit animal! For months I’ve been OBSESSING over slipcovered beds like the one from Restoration Hardware and specifically the Buddy Bed from Shoppe by Amber Interiors. They all are so pricey! So the past couple weeks I’ve been scheming on how to diy one! I finally came to the conclusion that I needed to find a cheap used Malm bed and I could make it work by extending the headboard and padding that and the sides with foam. I happened to be googling images of french seam headboards tonight and came across your blog! And you have the EXACT SAME STORY!! So crazy! Such a coincidence! So anyways, I’m dying to know if you’ve done it!

    • That’s amzing! I’m still waiting to make this – other projects and procrastination got in the way – but have recently ordered some fabric samples to test out! I’m hoping to get this project underway before the end of the summer. Let me know if you beat me to it!

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