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Okay, so I’m currently off work because of a recurring knee injury (I’m able to walk, but my job is pretty physical and I can’t quite carry 50kg of weight on this knee). It’s given me plenty of free time, and I’ll admit that I spend too much of it browsing sites on my phone, looking at things that I can’t buy.

There are a few things in particular that I’m eyeing – things that I’d love to get for our flat. Top of that list are new mugs (we have a bunch of mismatched mugs Richard has collected over the years, which aren’t really my style), decorative pillows for our bed, and artwork for the walls.

For the mugs, I’m really gravitating towards any ceramic pieces that look handmade. I’m completely in love with all things speckled and ‘imperfect’ looking. Sure, I’d love dinnerware or serving pieces to match, but for now would be easily satisfied with just a handful of mugs. These ones have really caught my eye.

Speckled mugs | Hello Victoria

One // Two // Three // Four

Aren’t those first mugs from Habitat great? And at only £25 for four mugs, they’re not too badly priced. So many places have crazy prices like £15 for just one mug. Richard and I keep looking for something like these ones, but every time it’s just too high of a price per mug. When you want to buy at least 4 of them, it adds up quickly.

And even though it’s not a mug, and a different style altogether, isn’t this jug amazing? I’m not sure why, but I’m really into having pretty jugs for dinner parties, etc. Not that I’ve hosted one in a while… need to get on that!

Blue watercolour jub from Trouva | Hello Victoria

Photo Credit: uniqueandunity.co.uk

For the pillows on the bed, I’m still thinking of getting a long bolster pillow, possibly in some kind of African mudcloth print, or Turkish rug material. But just one pillow isn’t enough for me (although Richard really doesn’t want me to add a lot of pillows) and I’d like to add a couple larger ones behind the bolster. Ideally, they’d be something kind of neutral, like beige or grey, but have texture and interest. How about these?

Neutral textured pillows | Hello Victoria

One // Two + Three // Four

Finally, we have artwork. It probably should be higher up on the list, as it’s the one thing our place needs most. I find that most houses and flats never look quite “lived in” or have enough personality without anything on the walls. Right now we have a few baskets above the bed, and a juju hat in our front entry, but no pictures or artwork. Considering that we’ve been here for over a year, I’m feeling kind of guilty on that count. Our place is in dire need of personality.

I have a few ideas of places to put things, and even a few empty frames, but no art. I’d love to do a small grouping above our dining table – not a gallery per se, just like 5 or so pieces. It’ll probably be a mix of art and photos, as I’d like to keep things eclectic. As for art, there’s one new website that I discovered that I think might be a good source. Artfully Walls has tons of prints, and unlike some other websites, the prices aren’t too dear.

These are just some of the prints that I’ve been keeping my eye on. I love impressionistic and abstract art, with plenty of black. Not all of these prints go together, but they all caught my eye for some reason.

Art prints from Artfully Walls | Hello Victoria

One // Two // Three // Four // Five

So what do you think? Are any of those prints or pillows worth the plunge? I really like the blue dots print, and the one titled “Andrew” – but would it be weird to have up a print that is of some other guy than Richard? It kind of looks like him… but I doubt he’ll be into it. Oh well, back to the old drawing board.

So what new stuff are you guys into these days? Anything that you think I should be searching for?

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