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While discussing painting the tile in our bathroom, I mentioned to Richard that I thought it would look great to paint the floor black. I have seen black tile lots of times, and always think it looks dramatic, and yet somehow classic. Seeing as how our flat is Victorian, and they were fans of black and white floor tiles, I feel like it’s sort of character appropriate. Not really, but it’s close enough to make me feel good about my decision. So there.

However, Richard isn’t too keen on the idea. He likes the concept, but doesn’t think it will work in our tiny windowless bathroom. His argument is that the bathroom is too small and it’ll be too dark. My counter argument is that the walls and ceiling will all be either white, or slightly-blue off-white. Everything else will be so bright that the room can handle the dark floor. Not only that, but the floor tile paint options out there aren’t exactly vast, but they do make black!

Here are a few more arguments in my favor, in the form of photos of pretty bathrooms with black/charcoal floor tiles. One of them is even a basement bathroom, which shows you can do this in a room with no windows!

Black floor tile inspiration | Hello Victoria

black hexagon floor tiles via Crate and Barrel

Black floor tile inspiration | Hello Victoria

large scale hexagon floor tiles via Instagram

Black floor tile inspiration | Hello Victoria

windowless bathroom via Deuce Cities Henhouse

Black floor tile inspiration | Hello Victoria

small bathroom via Houzz

Dark floor tile inspiration | Hello Victoria

charcoal grey tiles via Contemporist

So what do you think? Are you on Richard’s side of the discussion, and think the black floor will be too dark? Or are you with me, and think that those black tile floors will really make this room pop? I’m curious to know what you guys think as it’s a big step to make in such a small place.

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  1. Definitely Black…even if you replace the tiles. You can always add the white floor mat if its too much…just like in the photos. Hi from Port Moody, BC

    • Thanks! Since writing this post I may have convinced Richard it might not be too hard to replace the tiles all together, so who knows!

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