I’m pretty sure that Richard would agree, I spend waaaay too much time on my phone, browsing stores. It’s not like I have the money to buy any of the things, but I often find myself saving pages and items for some mythical-future-influx-of-cash.

I figured that since I’m not going to buy any of these items anytime soon, perhaps I should share them with the world, and someone else might give them a good home.

First up we have Anthropologie – oh how I love thee! I can’t help but stop in their stores every chance I get. Great stuff and such inspiring window displays!

spoon rest // barside bowl // textured indira cushions

I haven’t been looking much at their clothing lately, but that wood spoon rest would be amazing. We still don’t have one in the kitchen yet, and I like the warmth that wood brings. The marble bowl could be used for food or organization, and those textured pillows would be so fun on our bed (along with some indigo accents)! However, I doubt Richard would be a fan of the tassel-y bits.

Currently loving from anthropologie | Hello Victoria

textured cement planters // alpaca planters // textured table runner

I’m trying to increase the number of plants in our home, which means I am constantly looking for pots. I love quirky-looking vintage ones, and stuff that looks handmade. (To that end, we’re even looking into doing a ceramic course here in Kent!) While those cement planters would be perfect, I kind of have a soft spot for alpacas… they’re just so fluffy!! As for the table runner, I think Richard would hate it – but I love all the texture.

Next up, ASOS – so glad I got their premier shipping for a year! Wouldn’t it be amazing if they started carrying home stuff?!

ASOS current favorites | Hello Victoria

green button skirt // striped beach dress // gingham skirt

I’m really hoping to find some nice skirts and dresses for the spring/summer this year, and am love that gingham one!

ASOS current favorites | Hello Victoria

tall mac // wrap coat // waterfall trench

I have always loved classic Mac trench coats, and feel like living in rainy London makes it even more likely that I would use it. Doesn’t that wrap coat look cozy? And on sale!

ASOS current favorites | Hello Victoria

black wrap sandals // chambray beach tunic // bunny flats

Those bunny flats just make me smile (doubt I could keep them clean enough), but I love the other two for summer!

Rose and Grey was a shop I stumbled across, and then fell in love with so many things! A lot of their furniture is above my price point, but their accessories aren’t too much of a sticker shock to the system. I still haven’t explored their whole inventory, but am already in love with these items.

Rose and Grey houseware | Hello Victoria

cut glass tumblers // blue ceramic mug // green vintage plant pot

Right now we only have some mugs from Richard’s work, and I would love something larger (I could drink so much tea and coffee…) as well as prettier. I am also super into cut glass highballs and tumblers these days – my parents had some crystal glasses that were rarely used when we were kids, and it’s made me want some fancy everyday glasses. As with our silver cutlery, we like the idea of using what would have only been for special occasions, every day!

Finally, we have Oliver Bonas. I stumbled upon this shop walking around the city one day with Richard and fell in love with all of their marble jewelry stands (as well as their dainty jewelry). I’m planning on getting one for the bedroom as I currently have nothing to store jewelry on. I also love that denim tunic that they just put online (would it fit a tall girl without being too short?).

Oliver Bonas jewelry stand and denim tunic | Hello Victoria

brass + marble jewelry stand // denim tunic dress

Anyways, that’s just a snapshot of what I love these days. If you see something you think I’ll like, let me know!

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