Shopping the Sunbury Antiques Market | Hello Victoria

One of the things that Richard and I looked forward to doing after coming back from Greece (while we still were on holiday), was to visit the Sunbury Antiques Market. It’s a twice weekly market located at the Kempton Park Racecourse, and features over 700 vendors both inside and outside.

We’re both huge fans of eclectic spaces, filled with a mixture of antique and new pieces, and were hoping to find some furniture or accessories for our flat. One of the best and worst things about this flat, is that the woman who sold it left a few pieces of furniture behind; it’s great since we can take our time finding the right pieces (and the money to pay for them), but it’s also kind of frustrating as the furniture is bland and boring. We pretty much need everything for the flat – sofa, coffee table, rugs, dining table, chairs, bedside tables… you name it, we need it.

With over 700 stalls, we were hoping to at least find something to take home.

Shopping the Sunbury Antiques Market | Hello Victoria

Alas, we found only a few small items, no furniture. But despite our lack of finds, we still had a good day out in the rare English sunshine. There was so much to see – we didn’t quite realize just how big the market was until it just kept going, and going… and going! There was a huge selection of everything from antique jewelry to old farm tools, with a lot in between. I found an amazing little antique painting (like tiny), only to find out that it cost £250!?! I thought maybe it would be £50 but never imagined so much!

Shopping the Sunbury Antiques Market | Hello Victoria

Aren’t some of those taxidermy guys hilarious looking? I also found this Canada Dry box on one of the outside stalls, and couldn’t help taking a photo of it (although, the women who owned the stall was none too pleased about that). I am still learning that you have to ask before taking photos of people’s stuff, or petting their dog…

Shopping the Sunbury Antiques Market | Hello Victoria

In the end, we bought some old wall hooks,  as well as silver teaspoons and dessert spoons for our burgeoning collection.

A while back, Richard and I were discussing how it’s such a shame that people have these “good” cutlery sets that almost never get used – it’s such a waste of craftsmanship. So we’re collecting mismatched silver cutlery in patterns/styles that we like, instead of purchasing a whole set. I was a bit unsure about having it not match, but a quick google search showed that Anthropologie used to actually sell mismatched silver, and it looks quite nice together (not to mention being cheaper this way).

Shopping the Sunbury Antiques Market | Hello Victoria

We’ll have to come back again, on another nice day, to see if we can’t find a nice dining table or chairs to take home. Lucky for us, it takes place every other week.


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