Old town Rhodes | Hello Victoria

Old town Rhodes | Hello Victoria

One of the two-day trips that we took while staying in Rhodes, was to the old town. A walled part of Rhodes set along the water, it’s the oldest inhabited medieval town in all of Europe!

Bougainvillea in Old town Rhodes | Hello Victoria

beautiful bougainvillea vines growing all over the place!

We spent the day roaming the streets (getting lost a few times), looking in the shops, and enjoying some halloumi and Greek beer! (I’m pretty obsessed with halloumi, as evidenced by its constant appearance in my fridge.) I quite enjoyed some of the older architecture, as well as all of the bougainvillea growing around the city.

Old town Rhodes | Hello Victoria

As far as tourist attractions go, it’s an alright day spent shopping (if that’s your thing), but I found it a bit lacking in terms of other excitement. The streets are pretty, but there’s not much to see or do there besides shopping and eating.

Stray cats in Old town Rhodes | Hello Victoria

I’m pretty sure that most of the photos Richard took were of stray cats

My one regret is that I didn’t buy a pair of leather Greek sandals. I had been looking forward to finding some since discovering cool Etsy shops a couple years ago. I ended up being too picky, and kept passing shops by, thinking I would find something perfect around the corner, only to leave with nothing.

Looks like I may have to buy some online after all!