Traveling to Rhodes, Greece | Hello Victoria

Traveling to Rhodes, Greece | Hello Victoria

Now seeing as how Richard and I both had three weeks off from work, we didn’t spend the whole holiday painting! A week of that was more than enough, so we jetted off to relax a little on the Greek island of Rhodes.

When it comes to our vacation styles, we both enjoy visiting places with lots of cultural stuff to do… but this trip was all about doing nothing. Richard’s work means he sometimes has to go away for huge chunks of time (he was about to go away for 6 weeks), so we saw this as a great excuse to go somewhere and just relax in each other’s company.

What we woke up to each morning… sigh

Rhodes, as we discovered, doesn’t look like the Greek postcard we had in mind. Most of the older architecture on the island could be described as medieval in style, so it’s not the island to visit if you want to have lots of pretty photos of little white hillside villages with blue accents (darn). What it does have are cheap flights and lots of all-inclusive beach-side resorts!

We spent our week at the Ixian Grand, which was in a nice quiet location. No one ever came to bother us at the beach, selling trinkets, and the water was beautifully clear and warm. I’m pretty sure we spent half our vacation just sitting under umbrellas, reading books, and drinking piña coladas. (I know, I know… that’s not a Greek drink… but I am a sucker for the combination of pineapple and coconut.)

The beach at the Ixian Grand | Hello Victoria

Our usual spot on the beach

My book of choice for the vacation was Kazuo Ishiguro’s Buried Giant. I realized in the airport I had nothing to read, but luckily there was a store with a few books I had been looking to read available. Knowing how fast I read, I should have brought two or three, but I spent a good portion of my time in the sun napping anyway. It wasn’t as interesting as some of his other books I’ve read, but it was an enjoyable ‘beach read’ of the fantasy sort.

Holiday in Rhodes, Greece | Hello Victoria

Finally got a chance to wear my new Panama-style hat

In addition to the lovely water and beach access, our resort also came with some pretty great food. It was better than most buffets that I have experienced at this type of place, with lots of fresh fruit and Greek cuisine. I think I made myself a huge fruit salad each morning, to go with my waffle and yogurt. Now that’s how you get your 5 a day!

Despite spending most of our time relaxing at the resort, we did venture out a few times to visit some tourist attractions. I’ll write a bit more about our holiday soon, but will stop here for now.

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