About Me | Hello Victoria

Hello Victoria – I’m Amy (she/her)!

As a Canadian living just outside London (with my husband Richard), this blog is my way of keeping in touch with friends and family back home in Victoria, BC. When I’m not working, you can find me baking, attempting DIY projects, gardening at the allotment, playing with our cats (Moose and Smudge) or otherwise trying to turn this old Victorian cottage into our dream home.

Living in the UK can be very expensive, and I think many people can relate to my struggle of creating a stylish home with little money. It’ll be a slow process, requiring lots of DIY, but I’m planning on documenting it here in case there are others in a similar position. Who knows, maybe someone out there will find one of my crazy ideas helpful?

I’m no expert in anything that I share on here (DIY, baking or otherwise), but I love to experiment and learn things. I also have an unfounded level of faith in my own handiness. Pretty sure I think ‘I could do that!’ about basically anything.

Plastering a wall? It’s just like icing a giant cake… I could do that!

Follow along if as we make mistakes, learn new skills and spend all of our free time doing boring stuff like shovelling manure or stripping wallpaper. Oh wait, I wanted to entice you to follow… shit.

Well, anyways… hello to you, and Hello Victoria!